What is fine art wedding photography

What is fine art wedding photography?

Fine art wedding photography is a style of photojournalism that goes beyond just documenting the day. Instead, it aims to tell your story in a visual narrative.

This style of wedding photography is a great fit for couples who love the idea of capturing the grand romance and carefully thought-out details of their big day. They also prefer a more timeless aesthetic.


In fine art wedding photography, the photographer crafts a story through their lens from an artistic perspective. They intend to immortalise all the beauty and soulful emotions of a wedding day into images that can be appreciated as works of art.

There are many different ways to approach storytelling in a photo essay. Whether it is by using a visual narrative structure or by creating an entire series of pictures, there are certain guidelines that should be followed to ensure that your image essay is both compelling and connects with audiences.

First, you need to make sure that your subjects are comfortable with you and are able to be completely natural in front of the camera. This is important because it will help you capture moments that are otherwise difficult to shoot, such as a moment of vulnerability or an unplanned moment of emotional connection.

Next, you need to plan ahead so that you can ensure that your subjects are positioned in the most appropriate way and are photographed in a variety of different ways. For example, if you’re planning on shooting an intimate garden session, you need to know what kind of light to expect and be prepared to tackle any challenges that may arise.

It is also a good idea to scout the location and get familiar with the surrounding area before your shoot so that you can take advantage of the best lighting for the subject. This can help you capture stunning photos and ensure that your clients’ memories of the wedding are timeless.

Finally, you need to remember that it takes time and effort to create a story with images. You need to work with your clients to find a style that is cohesive and reflects the aesthetic you’re going for.

One of the best things about fine art wedding photography is that it can be incredibly unique and personal. It’s a great option for brides looking for a photography style that isn’t typical and will truly reflect their unique personalities and love story.

A good fine art wedding photographer will always be able to bring out the best in their subjects, and they’ll have a keen eye for detail. Their skills will ensure that they can capture every nuance of the day, and they’ll be able to use them to tell the story of the wedding in a captivating way.

Creative Capturing

Creative capture is the art of bringing a story to life through photography. This can include experimenting with lighting, colors, angles, and settings to create an aesthetic that is truly one-of-a-kind. Fine art wedding photographers are especially skilled at this because they often have a unique shooting style and photo editing style.

Unlike traditional wedding photographers, who are highly reactive in the moment and shoot what they see, fine art photographers have an artistic vision or idea that guides their work. Rather than simply taking pictures of the important moments on a wedding day, they focus on crafting beautiful photographs that tell a story and leave an emotional impression.

Fine art photographers may also use a different shooting style, such as documentary photography, which means they shoot candidly without interrupting the flow of the day. This allows them to capture the raw emotion that is present at a wedding, while also creating images that are timeless and aesthetically pleasing.

A good fine art photographer will be able to capture all of the special moments at a wedding and turn them into something that is both beautiful and meaningful. These photographs are usually more artistic and sophisticated than those of traditional photographers, and they may incorporate elements like floral arrangements, bright colors, and even a fairytale theme.

This style of photography can be a great option for couples who are looking for wedding photographs that will stand out from the rest of the bridal party’s photos. These photos can be a wonderful addition to a wedding album, and they are sure to be loved by future generations.

As with any type of photography, fine art photographers have to be well-trained in their craft. They need to know how to set up lighting, and they must be familiar with their subject. Many fine art photographers use a combination of both digital and film cameras to achieve the right look.

For this reason, it is important to interview and sample the portfolios of potential fine art wedding photographers before hiring them. This will help you assess their creativity and expressive proficiency before hiring them to photograph your wedding.

Unique Photography Style

Fine art wedding photography is a unique style that involves capturing images with an artistic and storytelling intent. It is the perfect choice for a wedding as it is sure to showcase all the little details and moments that make a special day memorable.

This style also requires a great eye for detail and a keen sense of when to snap away. Having the ability to spot an opportunity for a photo and capture it is a skill that every fine art photographer should have in their toolbox!

A fine art wedding photographer will always be on the lookout for creative opportunities. This will help them craft some of the most exquisite and stunning wedding images ever captured!

Another strength of a fine art photographer is their ability to capture moments that others miss. This is especially important at a wedding as there will be so many different things going on that it can sometimes be hard to see the bigger picture.

For this reason, a good fine art wedding photographer will be willing to get up close and personal with their subject to capture those little glimpses that may otherwise go unnoticed. This is a huge part of why fine art weddings are so popular!

The uniqueness of the fine art wedding style is also reflected in the way that the photographs are edited. A fine art wedding photographer will typically be very creative in this area as well, often experimenting with the tones and hues of their images to bring them to life.

Some photographers will also opt to add black and white elements to their pictures, depending on the couple’s preference. These can be done in several ways, including using black and white film or simply converting the photos into black and white during the editing process.

It is important to note that the overall style of the photographs will depend on a number of factors, including the type of equipment a photographer uses, the way they edit their images and how they work with lighting to produce dramatic effects. It is best to communicate your preferences with the photographer so they can provide you with the best options possible.

Timeless Images

A photographer’s ability to capture timeless images can make all the difference in how a wedding album looks and feels. This is why it’s important to find a photographer who has a strong portfolio of fine art images and a proven track record for creating high-quality portraits that will stand the test of time.

One of the most important aspects of selecting a fine art wedding photographer is to communicate your vision for your wedding photos with them. This will help them to create the best possible images for you and your family. For instance, you may want to have a series of photos of the two of you laughing together and holding hands, or you might want to have photos of a beautiful sunset on your wedding day.

Another way to ensure that your wedding photos have a timeless feel is to choose locations with an enduring appeal. For example, you should choose a destination wedding that focuses on the natural landscape rather than trendy spots like warehouses and circus tents.

You can also use colors to add depth and emotion to your photos. For example, blues and greens have a tranquil and soothing effect on people, while reds and oranges are more eye-catching and playful.

The color palette that you choose can also affect the feel of your photographs and even your wedding reception. The colors you choose should reflect your personality, taste, and dreams.

If you choose a colorful palette, make sure that your colors are consistent throughout your wedding to create a cohesive look and feel. You can also opt for black and white versions of your favorite images to ensure that they will be able to evoke memories from your big day.

When a fine art wedding photographer is taking your photos, they will take the time to carefully consider their location, light, and background. This will allow them to create beautiful shots that you and your future spouse will cherish for years to come.

During the editing process, a fine art photographer will also use the same techniques to create timeless images. For example, they may avoid adding too much color to the skin or making their subjects’ eyes sparkle too brightly to maintain a more natural look.